First Stop: San Diego, Next Stop: New York

9 years (that’s how long it’s been since I’d decided I wanted to live in New York). It has now been exactly 6 years since my failed attempt at moving there on my own. In 2012 I boxed my stuff up and left (only to turn around and come right back a couple of months later). As soon as I was settled into my Upper West Side sublet (thanks to my darling friend Mel), working a full-time job, and living my city dreams, I realized something: I wanted to live life with Jimmy by my side more than I wanted to stay in New York. I’d had my experiences with long distance relationships and I was never happy in them. I could never make it work. I was only willing to give it a try this time because I would’ve done almost anything to follow through with the move at that point. In the end, even though I was heartbroken to leave, I knew that coming home was the right decision for me, so I never truly regretted it. It also helped knowing, deep down, that I’d come back one day as a “we” and here we are...getting ready to sell our house so we can finally start making some real moves at getting there. 

I almost can’t even believe how incredibly it’s all coming together. Seemingly unfortunate situations and circumstances turned out to be true blessings in disguise. We were able to relocate to Las Vegas not long after I returned from my stint in New York — which was perfect because neither of us wanted to live at home anymore. What privacy loving 20 something year old does? Besides, we’d been wanting to get married for a couple of years at that point, but Jimmy was unbudgingly set on moving into a place of our own before taking that next step. So, we packed up a moving truck and drove off into the sunset to viva Las Vegas! We’d booked ourselves a month to month room at an extended stay motel, and as soon as we were settled into our temporary home off of Harmon and Paradise, he proposed. 😭🙏💍 Thankfully, we found an amazing house in Henderson just 2 months after the engagement and we’ve been calling it home ever since.

We only planned on staying here for a couple of years, and while it was discouraging to see more than 2 of them slip by without any plausible way of us moving to New York, it worked out in our favor anyway. Being forced to stay longer may have seemed like a major setback, but that gave us more precious time to spend with the friends we've made while here. My mother, sister, and brother all ended up moving to Vegas one by one and living with us for a while, and it was great being able to live with them again. I moved out while my siblings were so young, I've missed them nonstop since then. I know we always end up seeing each other, but getting some extra home time with them was priceless. Not to mention the fact that our house is worth more than it was when we had originally wanted to leave. Talk about a win win situation!

Now that we have more equity, we have a plausible, sure-fire way of getting to New York, and that's not even the best part. I’m still pinching myself over it, but we are finally at a point where not only is moving back to New York a viable option, but so is living bicoastal. Excuse me...WHAT?! I thought bicoastal living was strictly reserved for the 1%, but clearly I was wrong. Sure, it took us 10 years of saving what money we could to actually get here, but now the plan is pretty simple: sell our house in Henderson, buy a condo in San Diego, refinance it, and then buy another condo in New York. From there we’ll go back and forth, subletting our places one at a time. Until then, I'll be packing, enjoying my last days as a Clark County resident, doing ALL the Las Vegas things, and spending as much time with my friends and my Mama as I can. First stop: San Diego! Next stop: New York! 

🤩 Up Next: A southern/southwestern road trip series featuring 3 gals and a Jeep! I'll be highlighting all of my favorite cities, towns and pit-stops along the way as well as talking about how we navigated our way through the most awkward and uncomfortable situations that went down. 👀 Stay tuned!