Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar (New Orleans)

New Orleans, Louisiana...a place where even the pickiest of eaters will try some fried gator bites. Mainly me in this case — and they weren't even bad. They were actually pretty damn good! It was my first time visiting NOLA and my friend Mel, who'd been before, suggested we find some oysters and "gator balls" (not actually testicles, she just likes calling them that). After doing a bit of research she concluded that the spot to go was Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar. Everyone will say Acme Oyster House is the place to go, but Felix's is considered just as good as (if not better than) Acme and is much more low-key and intimate.

The food:

We ordered a plate of the Fried Gator Bites and half a dozen of the Chargrilled Oysters. Though skeptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised when I actually liked the gator bites! The best comparison I can make is a mix between chicken and fish — It's meaty like chicken, but has a bit of a fish feel to it. It doesn't taste fishy, just feels fishy when you chew it. I'm gonna go ahead and stop describing it now and just let you try it because the description is putting me off it myself. Do trust me, and try it at least once in your life! Now, (as expected) the real star of the show here was the oyster dish...I dream of these babies often and have been trying to get back to New Orleans ever since trying them. They taste like savory, buttery perfection and are served with bread to dip in the buttery sauce.  We ate these up so fast. Too fast. I usually have no regrets in life, but I do regret not pushing for the dozen.

The staff & overall experience:

We were greeted with warm smiles and seated immediately. Our waiter was super friendly and attentive. Overall the experience was top notch.

Hours & info:

Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar is open daily from 11am - 10pm and is located in the French Quarter at 739 Iberville Street. (504) 522-4440