Going Solo: Getting Away For Some Me Time


It’s 6 in the morning and I’m sitting on a plane at the McCarran international airport waiting to fly to New York. I’ve experienced, acknowledged, and overcome the sickening bout of anxiety that visits me (like clockwork) every time I travel alone. Now I’m fine. I’m ready to spend the next week in New York relaxing and taking things at my own pace. I’m ready to hunker down with my notes and start writing the articles I’ve been putting off. This week is about me and what I want, and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the time to myself. 

Taking this trip, I had to remind myself that sometimes it’s good to be selfish. It’s healthy to take time to yourself. We could all benefit from some alone time every now and then. I’m personally looking forward to choosing what I get to do and see without having to compromise the whole time.  I am meeting up with friends and family at different points of my trip, but for the most part it’s all up to me. ☺️ 

Tonight after check-in I’m ordering pizza from Artichoke Basille’s and having drinks and views on the roof of my Airbnb building in Brooklyn. Who knows what tomorrow will hold?  


Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

- Krisie