Glossier Super Pure Serum


With niacinamide and zinc, “Super Pure” is balancing, soothing, and purifying — which makes it great for reducing redness and stopping breakouts dead in their tracks.

Here’s what makes it so lovable: not only does it deliver on all statements made above, but its water-gel formula allows for a quick and easy residue free application. It doesn’t matter if you use it at night or under your makeup during the day — once it’s absorbed into your skin it’s unnoticeable. Did I mention that it actually works? I started using this serum nightly, right as I was caught in the middle of a pre-menstrual breakout, and by the next morning my skin had visibly improved. My blemishes were much smaller and my skin was free of redness and inflammation.  

Final thoughts & opinions: It’s safe to say that “Super Pure” serum has become a staple in my nightly skincare routine. I have sensitive, breakout prone skin with dry outer edges, an extremely oily t-zone and I’m almost always on the search for the best skincare, so when I find a product that works well with me I keep it around. 

Shut up and take my money! If you’re in New York or visiting there you can pick this up at the Glossier Showroom in Lower Manhattan at 123 Lafayette Street (between Howard and Canal), or you can order it online through their website. It’s $28 and totally worth it as three drops is all it takes to cover my entire face. ☺️ 

They also have two other “Super” serums: “Super Bounce” for hydrating and plumping parched, weathered skin and “Super Glow” for enhancing and brightening dull uneven skin. I plan on getting the “Super Bounce” next.

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