Day 14 of 25 Days Of Christmas: Holiday Self Care & A Nourishing Winter Skincare Routine


Christmas is less than 2 weeks away which means you might very well be starting to feel that holiday stress kicking in (I know I am). Try to find the time to step outside your role of responsibilities for a little bit so you can recharge and relax sans holiday stress. Take an hour or two (at least) and dedicate that time to your favorite pastime or self care ritual if you have one. For me it’s all about the bubble baths and the pampering. What does self care mean to you? Whatever it may be, there should always be time for it in your schedule. If you’re one of the people who’s work schedule is nonstop during the holidays try to find other ways to practice self care (like by putting a little extra care into your daily skincare or shower routine). If you’re prone to breakouts during times of stress, try tweaking your skincare routine to help treat and prevent them. Or say your skin gets really dry during the winter months, try a new nourishing moisturizer and give yourself a facial massage each time you put it on.

I’m one of those people who’s prone to stress breakouts, but I also have combination skin and my dry areas get even dryer (and sometimes flaky) when it’s cold out. In need of a little me time and pampering (as well as a new toner, face wash and moisturizer) I stopped into Lush Cosmetics for a bath bomb, bubble bar, and the aforementioned necessities. The bath cocktail I treated myself to was the new Goddess bath bomb and the Snowflake reusable bubble bar.


And this is the new nourishing skincare routine that I’m on: Rudolph (Lush’s limited edition brightening and clarifying Jelly Mask), Vitamin E enriched Movis facial soap, nourishing and repairing Breath of Fresh Air toner water (it has Aloe and mineral rich sea water in it, but I add about 8 drops of tea tree oil because it helps keep blemishes at bay when the stress spikes), for moisturizer I’m using Imperialis. This moisturizer is perfect for almost all skin types, the gentle ingredients like rose make it soothing on sensitive or irritated skin while the lavender keeps oily skin matte. Fairly traded cocoa butter nourishes and hydrates any dryness, but the texture is light and buildable to meet the needs of all skin types. Also pictured: Buche De Noel (a brightening and hydrating cleanser with cranberry and cocoa butter which is perfect for those with extremely dry skin like my husband) Fresh Farmacy, a face wash I normally use year round because the rose and calamine keep my skin calm while the tea tree oil keeps my skin clear. If you’re skin is super sensitive you might consider using this instead of Movis. I like to keep some on hand at all times because sometimes I like to switch it up and use a different cleanser morning and night.

Well I’m off to go pamper myself with some luxury bath and skin products! Check out my Instagram stories to see the bathbomb and bubble bar in action!

Stay tuned for The next edition of 25 Days of Christmas: A cannabis christmas dinner (for adults who are 21 and uP of course).