Day 9 of 25 Days of Christmas: A Holiday Gift Guide (Handmade Knit Socks)

Give the gift of handmade coziness this Christmas by following these easy tutorials on how to use a loom for knitting. A loom set is under $20 at your local craft store where you can get chunky comfy sock yarn as well. For adult sizes I like to use a 24 peg round loom and for smaller sizes I use an adjustable Knitting Board sock loom. I haven’t included pictures here because everything I’ve made so far I plan on giving away, but I am working on a pair for myself I can post here soon, so stay tuned! 

These are the videos I used to learn how to loom-knit socks (they’re broken up into 5 parts) — Cast on, Cuff, Stitches, Heel & Toe part 1, and Heel & Toe part 2. And while they aren’t using a round 24 peg loom, the concept is exactly the same.