Dinner For One: Piccoli Trattoria (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Alright, so technically I didn’t actually eat at Piccoli Trattoria in Brooklyn, but I was so impressed with their  food that I had to (at least) give them a take-out rave.

I was staying in Park Slope, Brooklyn while on my most recent New York hiatus and (like most people on hiatus) I hardly felt like getting ready and going out. So, instead, I scrolled through Yelp in search of my next dinner. Looking for places to eat in New York can sometimes leave you baffled and confused as to what to choose since there’s such a large selection to go through, but that night I felt like having Italian, so thankfully that narrowed it down a bit. (Not by much since New York and Italian food kind of go hand in hand, but I knew I’d be in luck.) I didn’t know I was going to hit an ordering in jackpot though! 

The high star rating of Piccoli Trattoria drew me in, but the reviews of their short rib ragu and butternut squash ravioli had me placing my order pronto. I got the pappardelle with short rib ragu, the Ravioli di Zucca, the olive oil cake, and the tiramisu. Everything arrived promptly, was amazingly hot and fresh, and tasted delicious. Even the bread rolls were to die for, but hands down — my absolute favorite dish was the butternut squash ravioli with mascarpone cream and sage. I died and went to foodie heaven with each decadent bite — the memory of that dish will haunt me forever.

🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 — a hard 5 out of 5 for Piccoli Trattoria’s take out service and preparation, but I’ll def keep you posted on the experience I have when I actually go in and have a meal at the restaurant.  

Piccoli Trattoria is located at 522 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. 


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