CycleBar: A boutique style spin-class studio with concierge level service and an attentive, friendly staff.


Last week the Las Vegas Bloggers Society invited me to attend a spin class at CycleBar in Henderson. I'd never been to one before, so I excitedly jumped at the opportunity. The class was held on Tuesday at 6pm, but attendees are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior in order to get their shoes on and belongings secured in the complimentary lockers. Online signup was also a requirement, but it makes things so much easier as it helps them get everything ready for you before you arrive (appropriately sized shoes, locker, etc). 

First impressions: When you get there, you simply sign in at the stations to your left, grab your shoes from the assigned cubby, and then head on back to find your locker (same number as your shoe cubby and bike number). If you find yourself lost or confused or in need of some assistance, the staff is there to help you through it. First timers, like myself, receive a welcome card with a nice handwritten greeting, a personalized locker for the day, and a complimentary CycleBar waterbottle and vitamin E enriched lip balm. The gifts were an especially nice touch, and the lip balm came in handy for me since I ended up forgetting mine at home. 

While you're getting your shoes on an attendant will come to fill up your new waterbottle and will ask if you prefer cold water or room temp. Okay, this might be weird to some people, but I seriously wanted to hug her! To be quite honest, it was really about how she was genuinely nice and attentive about it because that always goes a long way in my book. By the time she brought me my waterbottle (filled with ice cold water) I had my purse and regular shoes secured in my locker — which was very easy to use, you simply select a code, turn it to lock it, scramble code, then you're good to go! I needed the restroom before committing to the ride, so I ducked in real quick at the last minute and was stoked on finding some feminine products...score! The two things I desperately needed, lip balm and tamps, were provided for me when I got there and I was definitely excited about it. I think I was more excited about the tampons and lip balm than the actual class, but that's because I'm horribly out of shape and was afraid of getting my ass kicked in class.

The class: I was scared for nothing! I definitely got my ass kicked, but it was okay because I did it all at my own pace. The class was fun and actually enjoyable, and I'm sure a lot of places do this now, but the dim lighting was great - it really helped masked the horrified looks I was making when asked to hold my RPMs at 100 or better. I wasn't kidding when I said I was out of shape! I haven't been to the gym since my accident back in April and I've definitely lost my stamina. It wasn't bad though. The instructor, Hayley, was great. She was encouraging and motivating, but not pushy or overbearing, and she kept it fun with the music synced to our workout perfectly. We were actually told upon signing up online that we were welcome to email over any music requests, but I totally forgot about that until we were all cycling away in the dimly lit studio. Periodically throughout the class they'll flash everyone's rankings on the TV screens for a few seconds to show you where you're all at. It's pretty much just enough time to see where you rank personally, so it's motivating while also being a bit of a friendly competition. I definitely did not turn it into a competition as this was my first non-physical therapy workout experience. Not to mention I was in last place every single time the rankings flashed. I made sure to take it easy, but I did push myself. Being a beginner, I chose to skip out on the first few parts where we were instructed to do pushups on our handlebars while cycling as well as when we were told to move up and down. I just pedaled my little heart out during those first few pushup and up-down sessions because I was honestly scared of losing coordination and eating shit on the handle bars. Plus, my shoes were locked onto the pedals! Can you imagine losing your balance and falling from a bike you couldn't take your feet off of?! I sure can! But after realizing that these up-down movements and pushup variations were going to be pretty common throughout the class, and after watching everyone doing them a few times I felt ready to try it myself. Operative word being try. I wasn't quite able to get in sync when it came to the pushups, but I was kind of able to do it with the up and down movements. I really liked the race at the end to beat our own times, it was a nice personalized challenge, but the best part about the class was how fast it seemed to go by! It was exciting and changed up enough to keep me distracted so that when the 45 minutes was up I was surprised. Usually I'm counting down the minutes, but Hayley kept me focused and engaged. Once the class was over there was an attendant waiting at the door with cold towels for us to cool off with.

The instructor: I stayed after for a little while so I could thank her for an awesome class and introduce myself. We exchanged info and were even able to chat for a bit. Originally from Philly, she's been teaching classes for over 5 years now having taught in both Philadelphia and around the Bay Area. As it turns out (fittingly enough) the lively Hayley was formerly a DJ! 

"I've always had a passion for movement and music. For me, creating playlists and teaching are the best creative escapes from the corporate grind." 

You can tell she really means it by the way she runs her classes and interacts with her students. She's super sweet and genuinely friendly, and I'd recommend her to everyone especially newbies like me. If you'd like to attend one of Hayley's classes, she teaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm and on Saturday mornings at 10:30am just be sure to check their schedule for any changes or substitutions. 

Overall experience: I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this place. In addition to their awesome amenities, every staff member I encountered was nice and there was always someone available to assist me if I needed them. The class itself was perfect and you're easily able to change the resistance settings on your bike so that you can build your workout up however you like. All in all I had a wonderful time at CycleBar and I would definitely go back again.

Want 2 free classes? Anyone that's interested in attending a CycleBar class can get a free ride pass when they sign up online and then check out with the "New Kid/Rookie" ride. BUT! You must schedule your class within 14 days of checking out or your free ride will expire, so make sure you have the availability before redeeming your New Kid/Rookie ride. Your first ride is always free, but you can receive a 2nd free ride when you use the promo code "LVBLOGGER". Simply reserve your spot in your selected class, click "buy" underneath the option for 1 single ride (drop in/one class) and then checkout using the code "LVBLOGGER". This free ride pass is a bit different as it expires 7 days after checkout, so again: don't forget to plan appropriately before actually redeeming the free ride.

Additionally, if you end up loving the class (like I did) you can purchase 4 classes for $40 with their current Groupon deal, but it does say that there's limited time left to buy it. 

CycleBar Henderson is located at 2280 Paseo Verde Parkway (inside The District at Green Valley Ranch) and is situated next door to Pressed For Juice and is accessible via the parking lot behind Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.