Sliced Avocado & Suja Drinking Vinegar


When you wanted avocado toast, but you're out of bread, so you slice an avocado and dress it how you'd typically have your avotoast (with balsamic vinegar, pink salt and black pepper). To accompany my tasty treat I had the Lemon Cayenne drinking vinegar by Suja. I've read about the many benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, from aiding digestion and detoxification to regulating blood sugar levels, and I've tried incorporating it into my diet before, but I could never find a way to mask the flavor. These Suja drinks definitely do the trick! You still get a pinch of tartness, but overall I thought it tasted pretty good! I got 5 different flavors to try, so I'll be letting you fine folks know just how they affected me in my upcoming review of Suja's drinking vinegar. Until then I'll be working on some Lush Cosmetics product reviews...stay tuned!