Suja Drinking Vinegar


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As promised, here is my follow up on the Suja Drinking Vinegar that I picked up from my local grocery store last week.

Taste: These honestly didn't taste bad. My least favorite flavors were Strawberry Balsamic and Hibiscus Ancho Chile...I usually love strawberry balsamic, but I learned that I don't love it as much in a drink. As for the Ancho Chile that was just a flavor duo that didn't work to me. Other than those two, the rest were pretty delicious. I will say that I wish they were sweetened with agave instead of stevia simply out of taste preference (to me stevia tastes like artificial sweetener), but like I said, these didn't taste bad.

Effects:  I replaced my kombucha with these drinking vinegars last week and I have to say I'm quite happy with how they worked out. I usually drink kombucha to help with digestion and the cider vinegar seemed to have a similar effect.

Overall satisfaction & opinion: I'm actually pretty stoked that I found these Suja cider vinegar drinks because they're affordable at around $2 each and they have plenty of yummy flavors to choose from. It's nice to be able to mix it up and have some variety when it comes to your digestive health and I'll definitely be picking these up from now on!