Summer Staples: Tank Tops, Cutoffs and High Tops

Sometimes all I wanna wear are my high-waist denim shorts, and sometimes the easiest thing to pair them with are tank tops and sneakers. Luckily for myself I've acquired an abundance of both, so I'm sure to get plenty of wear out of my favorite shorts this summer!



  • Headband (Lush Cosmetics) LE pattern for Christmas, but they've got two somewhat similar patterns online in addition to quite a few others.
  • Sunnies (Target)  no longer available, but they do have a similar option.
  • Purse (Target) no longer available, but here are some similar options: Mini Satchel & Mini Flap Crossbody 
  • Jacket (Forever 21) no longer available with these specific patches, but they have a large selection of denim jackets to choose from — some embroidered and patched, some plain and simple.
  • Tank (Fruit of The Loom) 
  • Shorts (Vintage Levi's from goodwill) I found some pants that fit my waist and turned them into cutoff shorts.  
  • Shoes (Target) by Cat & Jack, no longer available, but they do have a plain white hi-top that is similar.