Now Is Now

I guess you could call this my first real style post.

I was shopping with my bestie/sister-in-law at the Parkway Plaza H&M in El Cajon when I happened upon two t-shirts that I simply had to have. I mean they were only $9.99 each and I had a gift card to spend from my birthday stash — there was no stopping me, folks.

So...I'm gonna go with ironic here, but I'm still not too sure if it's ironic or coincidental for me to get a shirt that emphasizes the importance of seizing the moment with a message like "now is now" when I happened to put off posting about it until it was kinda too late. If only I'd considered the tee's message a bit more because it doesn't seem to be available online any longer. It might still be in the sale section of the stores, but who's to say that using a Sharpie on a white tee or tank to write a message or favorite quote isn't just as powerful and affective? Pieces with added personal touches are some of the best pieces to have.

The other printed tee I got is available online (most likely in stores as well) and reads, "Don't look back you're not going that way." I'm sure you can tell I was in need of a little motivation as it was manifesting through my choice in purchases that day, but it's okay because I got what I needed while also treating myself to some retail therapy in the process. I even snagged myself this summer dress for $17.99! A fine day for shopping wins, indeed!

Other pictured items:

  • Clear Sunnies (Target) no longer available, but they do have a similar pair.

  • Shorts (Goodwill) made using vintage Levi's — I just marked the length I wanted with a pencil and snipped those babies into a sick pair of cutoff shorts (don't forget to leave about an inch for corrections and line refinement).

  • Boots (Dr. Martens - "1460 Greasy")

  • Purse (Target) no longer available, but here are some similar options: Mini Satchel & Mini Flap Crossbody 

  • Brown Sunnies (Raybans - "Round Fleck")