Me Gusta Tacos


Happy Taco Tuesday Taco lovers! (Henderson folks, this one's for you!) My favorite place to get tacos right now is Me Gusta Tacos. It's located in The District shopping center at Green Valley Ranch, and the best place to park when coming here is in the parking lot by Lucille's Barbeque. I haven't used any delivery services to order from here, but I have called in to order pickup. My food is usually ready in about 10 minutes (depending on the volume of traffic they're experiencing at the time).

What I've tried, and what I recommend:

Carnitas Tacos - These are by far my favorite taco here! The carnitas is marinated oh so good! I highly recommend these.  

Pork Belly Banh Mi Taco - To me this was just okay. The pork belly was good, but for some reason I was expecting it to come out on a rice bun. It's served with a regular corn tortilla, but you might be able to request that it come out with a rice bun instead though because I think I remember seeing someone either write about it in their review or post it in their Yelp picture.

Charbroiled Carne Asada - Amazing! I love these with lime and a little salsa roja. Definitely recommend these.  

Fish Taco - This wasn't bad, but it wasn't something I would personally order again because the wasabi crema was just too much for me. 

Me Gusta Bowl - I thought this was just okay too, but granted this was my first experience with quinoa, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I now know that I do not like quinoa. 

Cinnamon Sugar Churro - My other favorite item here! Their classic cinnamon sugar churro is made perfectly. It's served hot and fresh and just melts in your mouth. I can never go here and without grabbing a churro, so obviously I recommend these to all churro aficionados.  

Agua Fresca - Pineapple Basil, Watermelon Mint, Hibiscus, and Honeydew are the flavors that I've tried and my two favorites so far are Hibiscus and Honeydew. They're all delicious, but if either of my favorites are available I go with that. They also give samples so you can make the right choice for you. Of course I recommend that you try these!  Fun fact: they give you a free Agua Fresca when you check in with your Yelp app and they let you redeem it multiple times!  

Me Gusta Tacos is located at 2235 Village Walk Dr, Ste 153, Henderson, NV 89052  

Tel: (702) 998-2177 

I gave this place 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Click here to view their Yelp page.