Kona Grill: Fashion Show Mall

The site is live and celebratory drinks were a must! The hubby and I met up with my friend, Sam, at Kona Grill in Fashion Show Mall for some celebratory drinks, appetizers and catching up. We all ordered drinks and then just sort of did a free-for-all with the food.

The drinks: Jimmy ordered a beer, Sam ordered a Tropical Mango Punch and I ordered a Passion Fruit Fizz. Jimmy and Sam were both very happy with their drinks, but I did not like my Passion Fruit Fizz. It really just tasted like champagne. I ended up finishing that and then ordering one of the Tropical Mango Punches because that one was pretty delish. 

The food: For food we stuck to shareables like the Smoked Gouda Fondue ($11.75) and the Margherita Flatbread ($14). We also got the Avocado Egg Rolls ($12) and the Tuna Wonton Crisps ($13.50), but both are not pictured here in the actual post. The egg rolls are shown in the featured image for the post, but the wonton crisps ended up coming out too early and we ate them up so quick I forgot to take a picture! My favorite out of the whole spread were the wonton crisps, but I already knew I liked those (I used to work at Fashion Show and would go to their happy hour after work sometimes). As a matter of fact, this was my first time coming here when it wasn't happy hour and I must say our bill racked up high pretty fast. It was because Sam and I both had two drinks, it wasn't happy hour, and we were on the strip. 

The verdict: While I did enjoy the fondue, I still wasn't wowed enough by it to think it was worth the $12. The food is pretty good here β€” you just have to remember that you're paying strip prices. But you could always wait for happy hour which is Monday - Friday from 3pm to 6pm.

The service: The service here has always been good for me. Whether I'm sitting at the bar or at a table, the person waiting on me has always been attentive and friendly. I have no complaints. 😸