Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Bar (Chelsea, Manhattan)


One place I can never get enough of (and I do mean never) is Artichoke Basille's. More specifically, what really keeps me coming back each and every time is their infamous Artichoke Pizza. It's the best pie I've ever tasted...with its rich, thick crust, creamy sauce and spinach, artichoke hearts, mozzarella and pecorino Romano cheese. It's not your typical New York slice, but that's not what I go here for. I go here for the Artichoke Slice and that's that. I have tried their Meatball pizza though — my husband tends to branch out more than I do when it comes to these things and I had a bite of his. 😈😇😎 Its honestly really good, I just have yet to crave anything other than my tried and true when I'm there. 


When I was living in New York I went to Artichoke at least once a week for a slice and some sights on the High Line. And every time I have a friend that visits there I recommend they try an artichoke slice at Artichoke Basille's. 

Prices & ordering: The prices are fair for what you get, in my opinion. Slices are around $5, whole pies are around $30 and a "wedge" of any three slices is about $15. Standing table space is pretty limited as is their dining areas, but you only get to sit and eat if you get a wedge or a whole pizza pie — slices are all to go or eaten at the standing areas. It's not bad really...I usually just take my slice to go and eat it across the street at the High Line, but sometimes I'll take it to the bar and order a beer (if there's room).


Click here to view Artichoke Basille's Yelp page (I gave them a 5 star rating).