Tommy's Joynt (San Francisco, CA)

I realize I've mostly been sharing food related content lately and for that I do apologize and ask you to please bear with me. I'm still recovering from an accident back in April where a drunk driver rear-ended me. Long story short: My car ended up overturned in a ditch and needless to say, the car wasn't the only thing that was wrecked. For the first two months I was completely immobile between not having a car and not having range of motion, so I wasn't able to do much wandering or exploring. I was able to eat though. I even managed to check off almost every place on my list of "places to eat at". Tommy's wasn't on that list, but it should've been.

I actually found Tommy's Joynt by chance. My husband and I were staying in San Francisco with our friends, Angine and Lee and we were all so hungry that we opted for something conveniently located across the street from our hotel, The Opal, off of Geary and Van Ness.   


I ordered the corned beef and cabbage and it was absolutely amazing. Click here to view the Tommy's Joynt Yelp page and read my review (spoiler alert: we all loved it).