District Donuts (New Orleans)


A necessary stop for donuts in NOLA is District Donuts • Sliders • Brew on Magazine street. They have plenty of gourmet donuts to choose from and they all come in different price tiers — Simple: Glazed or Cinnamon Sugar ($1.50), Fancy: Creatively Glazed & Finished w/ House Made Toppings ($2.50), and Extra Fancy: Donuts w/ Homemade Fillings ($3.50). I got 2 fancies, and one simple. The 2 fancy ones were Browned Butter Pistachio and Cereal+Milk, and my simple one was the Chocolate Glazed. As their name suggests, they do offer sliders as well as artisan coffee, sandwiches and other baked treats. I didn't get farther than the ordering counter since I was just grabbing stuff to go, so I wasn't able to get too good of a look around. I remember a bar to sit at, but other than that I'm drawing a blank on the interior.

Overall satisfaction and experience: The line started at the door, but it wasn't bad at all. I was actually on a road-trip with my friends — I flew out to New Orleans to meet them and from there we drove back to Las Vegas. Our short amount of time in line consisted of gabbing about what flavors we wanted and which coffees to get. We only had the donuts and coffee, but I'm pretty much obsessed! Their coffee was spot on and their service was as well. We all lined up individually and they rang us up in a timelymanner while maintaining a genuinely friendly disposition. Our coffees were out first, and we had just enough time to add some cream and sugar before our donuts were boxed, bagged and ready to go.

Cereal + Milk was super good and tasted true to its name, but the real show-stopper was Browned Butter Pistachio. I liked that you could actually taste the browned butter...It was toasty, buttery, glazed, pistachio deliciousness and it's probably the best donut I've ever had. My least favorite would have to be the simple Chocolate Glazed. Normally, a good old fashioned chocolate glazed donut is something I couldn't go wrong with, but it really paled in comparison to the fancy ones. In the future, I'd rather spend my money on a more artisanal flavor. Still, I can't wait to go back and I absolutely recommend this lovely establishment to all donut and tasty treat lovers alike!

Wishing I had a District Donuts here in Las Vegas or San Diego...*sigh...I wonder what flavors they have today...if you're in the Garden District you should stop in and see...and probably try some too.

Hours and info: Distric Donuts Yelp / District Donuts Menu

2209 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70130 (Lower Garden District) (504) 570-6945 Open daily from 7am - 9pm