Mickey Beignets & The Mainstreet Electrical Parade


So I finally did the two Disney things that I've been dying to do since I was a little girl (try some of those famously delicious treats and see The Mainstreet Electrical Parade again — it's running through August 2017). You might've read my previous post about the day after Disneyland where my friends (Alden and Marilyn) and I gallivanted around and ate ice-cream in LA, but if you haven't — they're the other half of the "we" and "us" I'll be mentioning here.

Our first stop within the gates was the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square for some highly anticipated Mickey Beignets (we got the 3 pack for $4.49) and of course one of their signature (virgin) New Orleans Mint Juleps ($3.59). I liked the beignets a lot, but Marilyn and Alden thought they were whatever. I liked them because they tasted just like the ones you'd get in New Orleans. The mint julep, however, wasn't so yummy. In my opinion, they're far too sweet and not that refreshing. I felt like I needed a very large glass of water after drinking only half of it. I tried to pawn it off on my friends, but neither of them wanted it and I threw it out. We found ourselves at the Jungle Cruise, so we hopped on and had a few corny laughs before making our way down to the Indiana Jones Adventure. Marilyn had never ridden it so Alden and I insisted.

After working up an appetite on Peter Pan's Flight and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride we decided we wanted a Turkey Leg. We found some at Edelweiss Snacks (located by the Matterhorn). They also serve Chili-Lime Corn on the Cob ($4.79) and Marilyn and I both wanted one, so we each got one and then shared a Turkey Leg ($10.99). Alden ended up getting his own turkey leg and no corn. At the end of that snack adventure we all had legs leftover and realized we should've just shared one between the 3 of us. The corn on the cob was okay. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't bad by any means either, it just lacked all the fixin's I'd hope for on eloté. The corn itself was sweet and fresh, so that was good and the turkey leg was delicious, but again — we should've just gotten one to share.

After letting our stomachs settle we went on more rides. We were getting off of Snow White's Scary Adventures and were deciding on what ride to go on next when suddenly it hit us...The Post Turkey Leg Food Coma. Alden and Marilyn were running on about an hour of sleep and needed to find a place to crash out for a bit, so I suggested we sit in on a showing of The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (a dark movie theater setting that I thought might be suitable for a nap). I turned out to be wrong as the old-school seats were too hard and uncomfortable to fall asleep in. To top it all off there were too many loud bangs and booms and horns playing...if anyone in that theater was able to doze off you could bet money that they were woken up by any of the aforementioned sounds. After our failed attempt at a nap in Disneyland we retreated to the car. We opted for upgraded parking at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure for the sake of easy access and, of course, emergency naps.

Feeling refreshed and ready for more action after our evening R&R sesh, we headed back into the park. We had a bit of time to kill before the parade was to start, so we went back to the Indiana Jones ride for round two. The wait for the ride was too long so we opted for a quick snack at Bengal Barbecue. I got a Safari Skewer ($4.19 - bacon wrapped asparagus) and the Bengal Beef Skewer ($4.49 - comes in a sweet Zulu sauce), both were pretty good, just pricey — like everything at Disneyland, but it's all worth the experience right? Still having time to kill, we went for a round of laser blasting on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Tomorrowland, but first...Churros. We stopped by one of those carts on the way in and each got one of the sugary cinnamon-y treats to give us that much needed sugar rush before fuckin' up some Zurgs. Marilyn was the lucky one here cause she got in line first and apparently got the last fresh churro. I heard the vendor telling her to hold it lightly because it was so hot and fresh that it might fall apart. Apparently he had some stale ones leftover for Alden and I because he was still selling them. He didn't give me the same freshness warning either so I wasn't surprised to find it cold and hard to chew. I wasn't mad though, I was concerned with why they even started selling the fresh ones before finishing with the older ones. That's just bad rotation...but maybe there was that one customer who was like 'I want one of those fresh ones' as they were standing at the front of a long ass line so probably every one else just had to have a fresh one by principle. Holy Disney epiphany!

When it was time to start lining up for the Mainstreet Electrical Parade we found a spot to squeeze into on the designated area of the sidewalk and waited for the magic to begin, and magical it was. The nostalgia was through the roof, I almost cried. Almost. And seeing all the characters come by really had me feeling some type of way. I loved Cinderella and the Peter Pan and Hook fight, the Seven Dwarfs and their jewels and gems were so freaking cute, but when Elliott the dragon came out...that's when I almost cried. I loved that movie as a kid...*reminisces about dragon roasted apples. Once the parade was over we quickly made our way through the masses towards the area where the "Remember...Dreams Come True" Fireworks Spectacular was gonna be showcased and settled in for the sparkly display (only available on select nights). It was just as nostalgia inducing as the parade was and I loved every minute of it. After the fireworks show we booked it on over to the Blue Bayou Restaurant for our dinner reservation (made ahead of time on the Disney app, and you must input your credit card info to reserve, you must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled reservation or your credit card will be charged $10 per person). We made it with time to spare and were seated in a timely fashion, but I was upset when I found out that they'd taken the Monte Cristo Sandwich off of the dinner menu because that was the ENTIRE REASON I wanted to eat there. I ended up getting a big heaping bowl of their famous Gumbo and was not disappointed after that though. I often dream about that Gumbo.

After dinner we decided to call it a night and made our way back to the car. We needed some serious rest to prepare us for the following day of exploring LA. Unfortunately I lost all of my recent content and wasn't able to salvage many photos of this day, but I was able to download a video I made on Flipagram, so that's pretty awesome! Check out my Instagram if you wanna see it — there's even a few shots and snaps of the electrical parade in there!

Stay tuned for my next post about Donuts in New Orleans!