Dinner at The Heath (New York)

While we were in New York for my birthday this summer, my husband and I attended a showing of Sleep No More, an incredible off-Broadway theater production at The McKittrick Hotel. After the performance we walked over to The Heath for our 10:15pm dinner reservation. The Heath is The McKittrick Hotel's resident restaurant. We ended up making it with time to spare as it's situated in the next building over. When we got there our reservation was checked at the door. We waited a while before an elevator arrived with a bellhop who escorted us up to the restaurant. She was friendly and informative, and recommended that we visit their rooftop bar, Gallow Green. She even offered us these lovely postcards that featured all of the different establishments at The McKittrick Hotel.

Something worth noting: While we were waiting for the elevator it began to seem like it was taking forever. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to have pushed the call button or not, so I asked the host at the door. He was pretty snappy. "Just wait," he instructed me...perhaps he had been asked that repeatedly throughout the night. Perhaps he was just a shithead. In any case I didn't find his attitude appropriate.

First impressions:

When we exited the elevator we made our way down a hallway to the hostess and she promptly sat us at our table by the bar. The room was glowing with faint red lights, and onstage a singer crooned along to a live jazz ensemble. We weren't far from the stage, but it looked as if all the other tables had a good view as well. With starry lights overhead and a candle on each table, the atmosphere was cozy and intimate. Our waiter (forgive me for forgetting his name) greeted us and then offered us refreshments. We ordered two "Sleep No More" punches ($17 each) and before he left for the bar he asked if we preferred regular or sparkling water. Sparkling please!Not that it actually matters, but I really liked how he offered us the water before we had to ask for it. There are a lot of servers who won't give you water unless you request it — and that's totally fine, but there's something about genuine attentiveness that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He even noticed that our table was wobbly and was quick to remedy it with a book of matches. When we finished our punches he came back and we put in our order for dinner as well as two more drinks.

What we ordered:

  • The "Cheeses" plate (to share) - their daily selection of artisan cheeses, quince paste, walnuts, grapes, and baguette chips ($22)
  • "Duncan's Burger" (to share) - NY state grass fed beef, apple-wood smoked bacon, fontina cheese, pickles, and fries ($21)
  • "King's Cross" cocktail (for me) - rosemary infused gin, fresh lemon juice and almond syrup ($17)
  • "Chelsea Brewing Co. Kolsch" (for him) - ($9)
The King's Cross - rosemary infused gin, fresh lemon juice and almond syrup ($17)

The King's Cross - rosemary infused gin, fresh lemon juice and almond syrup ($17)

Overall satisfaction and experience:

I really enjoyed the look and feel of The Heath, and the level of service we received was unparalleled. The first cocktails we got were a little weak and watered down, but I'm assuming it was onlybecause we arrived towards the bottom of the punch bowl. Everything else was wonderful though. The burger, the cheeses, the second round of drinks — they were all delicious. Come to think of it...I've never had a cocktail as good as the King's Cross...it's refreshing, sweet — but not too sweet, and perfectly complimented by the gin. In my opinion this place is a gem. One that I'd gladly splurge on when budget permits. The prices seem high, but they're fair...you're paying for quality and service. They grow everything they possibly can in their rooftop garden, and they make a lot of their food from scratch. Expect to spend around $25 to $50 per person, but if you enjoy top-notch food and drink then you won't be disappointed.


On Wednesdays and Thursdays they're open from 6pm to 12am, on Fridays and Saturdays they're open from 6pm to 2am.


542 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001


(212) 564-1662, theheath@mckittrickhotel.com

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