Lush Spa: The Good Hour (New York)


Last week I turned 30 and, to celebrate, my husband (Jimmy) and I took a trip to New York. For me, one of the bigger highlights of the trip was my visit to the Lush Spa. I'd been wanting to visit one ever since finding out that Lush Spas existed and decided it was time to treat myself to the experience. Besides, it's not everyday that I'm in New York...and it's not everyday that I'm celebrating my 30th birthday — I mean any excuse will do, really. The spa itself sits atop the Lush store on Lexington Avenue and is absolutely adorable with its homey atmosphere. I called a few weeks ago (about a week in advance) and booked myself for The Good Hour treatment with Sarah on Thursday, July 14th. I chose that treatment because I wanted a deep tissue massage and the consensus was clear across the board with the online reviews and even friends that have gone have told me — if you want a deep tissue massage The Good Hour is the way to go. 

The day of my treatment I rode the D train with Jimmy up to the 161st street station, at Yankee Stadium, and from there we split up. He ventured off to go skate the Bronx while I hopped on the southbound 4 train. I got off on 59th and Lexington and headed back up to the street. The exit lets you out on 60th and as soon as I turned the corner on Lexington I could already see the Lush Spa sign in the distance. It was finally happening! My excitement levels reached all new highs as I checked in for my appointment with the gal up front. I was there early and let her know that I'd requested to use the bath suite prior to my massage. She showed me to a nice little sitting area, offered me some water and then disappeared up a stairway to inform the masseuse of my arrival. She returned with my glass of water and told me that they were preparing the bath suite for me and that someone would be down to get me soon. While I waited I took little snapshots and videos, watched people get massaged as they learned about Lush products, and daydreamed as I looked out the window at nothing in particular. Before I knew it someone was approaching me. She introduced herself as Sarah and asked me to follow her up the stairs.

When you first walk into the spa it's as if you've stepped into a cozy cottage that was somewhere on an English countryside — not the metropolis known as New York. My hostess showed me to the bath suite and asked if there were any specific bath bombs that I wanted to use; I requested The Experimenter and off she went. They actually have a cookie jar containing a random selection of bath bombs ready for you to use. I had spotted an Ickle Baby Bot that I wanted to cocktail with something and The Experimenter seemed perfect. She returned shortly with my requested bath bomb and then kindly left me to soak in the beautiful claw-foot bathtub.

Twenty minutes later I was out of the tub and in the provided robe and slippers (a very lovely touch). When I met Sarah in the kitchen area for my consultation she explained to me all the different things that were going to be featured in the massage. She asked me about any sensitive or tender areas as well as asking about any spots that needed more care than others. Once we established my needs and preferences she escorted me to my treatment room. She told me to take as much time as I needed getting comfortable and to ring the bell once I was under the covers on the treatment table. I took in the details of my surroundings while I stripped off the robe and made myself comfy under the blanket. The dimly lit room was accented by candles and vintage trinkets, a cool misty fog rolled across the floorboards and sounds of a creaking pirate ship teleported me out to sea. I was beyond ready for my good hour.

There was a dainty bell sitting on a table beside me and I rang it.I honestly don't remember much about what the conversation was like after she re-entered the room, but I do remember it being pleasant. The massage and the aesthetics of the surroundings are what I most vividly remember. Irish sea shanties started to play as she warmed and melted my chosen massage bar (Each Peach And Two's A Pair) in her hands and began working her magic on my shoulders and neck. She probably spent a good 20 minutes on my neck and shoulders alone before making her way down my arms and legs to my feet. After a nice little foot massage she had me turn face-down. The remainder of the massage catered to my back and the areas that we'd discussed on. Unfortunately I was so relaxed that I ended up falling asleep for an unknown amount of time, and although it seems very common, it also feels very taboo. I wanted to savor every bit of my massage and, needless to say, I woke up quitehorrified. I couldn't have been asleep for too long because there was still quite a bit more time that passed after I'd woken up. The music that goes along to the massage will clue you in on when the massage is coming to an end. You'll hear sounds of the ship docking in the city as your gently rocked back to reality. Sarah moved perfectly in sync with the music and, as the massage ended, it quite literally felt like I was arriving in New York by boat...or at least how I imagined it would feel. After my massage I was left alone once again — this time for me to regain my senses. I reluctantly climbed down from the massage table and lazily slipped on my robe and slippers.

When I went back to the kitchen I found a lovely spread of hot tea, shortbread cookies, and rum waiting for me at the coffee table. Sarah also brought out a brand new Each Peach And Two's A Pair massage bar for me to take home. She told me to help myself to as much tea, cookies, and rum as I liked. I knew my time at the infamous Lush Spa was coming to an end, so of course I took her up on the offer and ate a few cookies with my cup of tea. I couldn't have any of the rum because it was spiced rum and I'm allergic, but I appreciated the offer all the same. Normally I'd call that the cherry on top because rounding out a treatment with a tasty treat is always a win in my book, but in this situation it was the ability to wash the massage oils off my back. I can't stand an oily back after a massage. It was emphasized that I was to take my time getting ready and that I shouldn't feel rushed at all, but I didn't want to delay any upcoming appointments so I just took a quick shower, got dressed, and headed back down the stairs to the shop floor. I left Sarah's tip with the gal at the register and back out into the world I went.


Pricing and specifics:

The Good Hour is $180 and with it you get a 70 minute deep tissue massage, a 15 minute consultation, a complimentary massage bar, complimentary refreshments, and use of the bath suite and shower suite (upon request).

Overall satisfaction and experience:

I will definitely be going again and I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone seeking an amazing Lush spa experience. The aesthetics and atmosphere were beautifully crafted and the theme was executed perfectly. The massage itself was perfectly tailored to my needs and I left feeling lighter, extremely relaxed and I now hold a special place in my heart for sea shanties. Sarah was a wonderful hostess and masseuse and I truly do hope to book another treatment with her in the future.

Hours and info:

Sunday 10am - 8pm & Monday to Saturday 10am - 9pm

783 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10065

(212) 207-8151

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