A dream is a dream.


You'll turn away, and I'll smile because you're beautiful.

You'll feign interest, but it won't phase me, and I won't care.

You'll runaway, adding distance to the space between

But I'll have you know, that the distance doesn't mean a thing.

Either way I'll laugh as you leave.

Partly out of nervousness, and partly out of spite.

But your looks aren't everything, you shine in other ways too.

Your sweetness is delicious, and your sensitivity is divine

But your pride is the tricky trait!

Admirable at best, but questionable? Questionable? Questionable?? YES!

I try, but my attempts are clumsy.

I try to be coy, but it's never coy enough.

I try to be sly, but I was never that slick.

I come on too strong and I trust too soon

But the day that I'll play it smooth, will be once in a blue moon.

My head is heavy and my heart is tired

Inner turmoil will never subside.

You'll turn to me, and I'll smile because you're beautiful.

You'll hang onto my every word, and you'll handle me with care.

You'll run into my arms, eliminating the space between.

And then I'll wake up and realize that it was all a dream.

But I'll take advantage of fantasy

And in my dreams we'll always dance

Because we both knew in all reality

That I never even stood a chance.