Butterflies in my belly...Rinse, and repeat.

I like having butterflies in my belly...

Because like pain they seem to remind me

That I am alive...and kickin' too,

But unlike pain they won't hurt you.

It just tickles when they flutter.

So I'll welcome them to stay,

Come and go as they please,

Let my heart skip a beat,

Rinse, and repeat.

Fluttering wings tickle my belly...

There they are again, a happy reminder.

Here I am again, alive and kickin'.

Their random visitations are sporadic at best,

Short, yet sweet, and cherished nonetheless.

I tell them to come and go as they please,

Hoping they make my heart skip a beat,

But whatever the outcome...

I'll rinse, and repeat.

Fluttering wings multiply, I can really feel the pressure.

Hasn't let up for one second...

But I know I'm alive and kickin' to the beat.

Own it in the moment,

My current mentality: forever young

And if you catch me red-handed beating life's big drum

I'll just smile and shrug before I keep going on,

Because they never stay long,

They come and go as they please,

And their butterfly kisses

Make my heart skip a beat.

So again and again...

I will rinse, and repeat.


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