Repetitive Ways & Words Meant To Cut

Stooping yet again

(For nobody but yourself)

Always playing the scorned victim

But pity makes you shitty friends

I know because it was you

Who bullied and nagged and expected too much

Manipulating me into being your crutch

I walked away, and I felt peace at last

I walked away, and you felt the ground hit your ass

Maybe that's why you act out in spite

With your repetitive ways and words meant to cut

Bring me up, pull me down, but just enough kindness to keep me around

Because God forbid, I'd be as good as you

You with your tricks

Constantly crying, and sniveling and whining

But I saw you look up to see if we were watching

And when you saw that we were

The bodies started flying

You huffed and puffed and threw yourself down

Class act drama queen, sans the crown

I roll my eyes as enough is enough

You hike up your skirt as tough comes to rough

Bending and binding

Grunting and gasping

Gasping for more?

Again I roll my eyes, this time at your shitty lies

And you said it before, your eyes, they shit lies.